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         Charomushki Odyssey 1930-2022

Belarus, near the border with Poland: I found a box full of photographic glass plates in an abandoned house in the forest. In the 1930s and 1950s, the local village photographer recorded important events, created portraits of the residents and thus captured the sometimes dramatic times of upheaval - testimonies of an Eastern Europe of diversely mixed cultures. Since these historical recordings, the area has experienced collectivization, the Second World War, the Soviet Union and now, for more than 25 years, the authoritarian regime of Lukashenko.

The aim of the work is artistic research that uses visual, historical and ethnological approaches in a transdisciplinary manner. The background motif preserved in said house and used for many portraits will serve contemporary photographs of today's residents. In the synopsis with the historical, there is the opportunity for comparative research of the earlier families and their stories. Literally a journey through time: man as a reflection of events. The aim of the work project is thus the construction of a visual history of our time

Cheremushki Odyssey001AndreiLoginov.jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey004AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey006AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey003AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey002AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey008AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey010AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey011AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey012AndreiLoginov.jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey009AndreiLoginov..jpg
Cheremushki Odyssey005AndreiLoginov..jpg
cheremushki odyssey_23.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_24.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_37.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_36.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_26.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_22.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_25.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_40.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_21.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_29.jpg
cheremushki odyssey_39.jpg

 Cheremushki Odyssey 1930-2022

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