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  • These images of anarchy and uprising are not those of an allegory about  a fight for liberty against oppression. They are the allegory about a fight where everyone is against everyone for purchasing power in the undisputed capitalism period, the ultimate taboo that few dare to touch. In the present period of total ideology rule where, as Žižek reminds us, it is easier to imagine the world ending than the end of capitalism ( we can all apprehend a possible ecological disaster yet we could not fathom a simple change in the production system), the true fight is not the one of the masses where they seek a change in the political system or an equal society. It is the one of the individuals seeking economic triumph. The enthusiasm of those French revolutionaries for the public course and for political freedom development has been abolished in our days, as now the only fight is for private well-being.

    Lambda print


    120 x 220  cm

    Installation view Fight, TÄT Gallery, Berlin, 2008


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