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  • Phantom XX  by Andrei Loginov, is a haunting and thought-provoking series that explores the lingering impact of empire and the struggle to let go of its shadow. The use of an abandoned theater as the main setting, with its black empty stage serving as a metaphor for the void left by the decline of cultural expression, is particularly striking. The concrete statue of a girl in a park, shot at night with a flashlight, reinforces the eerie atmosphere and underscores the weight of the past on the present. The photographer has effectively captured the feeling of a society grappling with the aftermath of empire and the uncertainty of the future. 

    Phantom XX  was captured in Donetsk area, Ukraine in 2010.


    100 x 132 x 12 cm

    Ed. 5+2 AP 

    + Installation View Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin, 2010


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