The last years have shown that the time of armed conflicts and pandemics is not over. In search of VISUAL SIGNATURES from important transformational episodes in the last three centuries, the project uses a fine selection of samples, picked from iconic solo literature for violin. The audio-visual experiment tries to discover a visual language hidden in the chosen pieces. Is there any message reporting from our dramatic past or present, what is revealed about our future?


We developed a method which helps us to transform violin playing into multimedia installation. Fragments of musical works are performed by a violinist whose moving parts (the bow) are highlighted during the time of exposure. Different media technologies such as lenticular photography, multichannel sound mapping and sensor driven audio triggering are applied to make VISUAL SIGNATURES a multi sensual experience. The performance is filmed using a 3D technology both for audio and image, creating a three dimensional light sculpture.


The installation contains a series of lenticular light boxes (five 3D images each of a size above 160x130x9cm, led light, aluminium) and a sensor-based interactive multichannel soundscape (five integrated loudspeakers).




Imagery: Andrei Loginov

Sound art: Caroline Siegers ( )


Used samples:

Fazil Say - In memoriam Rusen Günes (2020)

Iannis Xenakis - Mikka (1971)

Bela Bartók - The Sonata for Solo Violin Sz. 117, BB 124 (1944)

Niccolò Paganini - Nel cor più non mi sento (ca. 1830)

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer - Sonatae unarum fidium of (1664)