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andrei loginov-loss&damage I.jpg

LOSS & DAMAGE (2019). Dark formations appear in light boxes against a black background that rise from the pictorial space like holograms. These are lenticular images of sculptures that the artist has made from found objects. Loginov's works oscillate between their two-dimensional and three-dimensional appearances, thus essentially thematising the reciprocal relationship between sculpture and photography since the dawn of modernism.

The images are layered with a sheet of lenticular lens, which is composed of hundreds of tiny ridges that cause the image to appear in three dimensional form when viewed from different angles. The sculptures appear to be suspended in midair and create a surreal environment that invites the viewer to explore the depths of the pieces. The sculptures are often composed of discarded items and their fragments such as foam, ratchet strap, toys, and other found objects that the artist has manipulated and transformed into his work.


Installation View , Critical Paradox, Pop-Up Space  SA 161, 2019

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