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Andrei Loginov & Caroline Siegers

Andrei Loginov & Caroline Siegers

from Capriccio Pour Alto Seul

Henri Vieuxtemps


Draft. Lenticular light boxes, 150x120x 9 cm


 The last years have shown that the time of armed conflicts and pandemics is not over. In search of VISUAL SIGNATURES from important transformational episodes in the last five centuries, the project uses a fine selection of samples, picked from iconic literature for string instruments.

The project's focus on capturing the body expression and bowing technique of soloists in a 3D-portrait also adds a new dimension to the study of music and visual arts. Additionally, the use of different media technologies such as lenticular photography, multichannel sound mapping, and sensor-driven audio triggering helps to provide a multi-sensory experience to the audience.

We developed a method which transforms the movement of a bow into multimedia installation. Fragments of musical works are performed by a violinist, a violist, a cellist and a bass player. The bow is highlighted during the time of exposure. The performance is filmed using a 3D technology both for audio and image, creating a three dimensional sound & light sculptures.

The VISUAL SIGNATURES project does have an innovative approach to studying the relationship between music and visual arts.


from Prélude, Sonata I.

Johan Sebastian Bach


                VISUAL   SIGNATURES  
        Andrei Loginov & Caroline Siegers


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